Raise your hand if you've already freaked out at least twice over the prospect of having to change or postpone (don't cancel!) your wedding plans.

As you already know, I'm not just photographing 30+ beautiful couples this year, I'm also getting married soon so this past weekend I spent a good deal of time in that "trying not to panic but yeah, panicking" mode. Everyone talking about covid-19 all the time only makes matters worse. So to pass the time (an hopefully get a giggle or two in there), here's my list of wedding things you can do while in self-quarantine. Some are practical and sweet, others are a bit wicked, but it's all in good humor. I hope you enjoy.

Wedding Things You can do while in self-quarantine

  1. Pull a recipe or two from your wedding menu and try to cook it at home with your babe.
  2. Make some custom bingo cards that your guests can use to meet and mingle during cocktail hour.
  3. Start addressing your thank you card envelopes. Trust me, you'll be glad these are done in advance.
  4. Remake your seating chart but this time plan to sit the most incompatible people together. Think big here- the bigger the possibility for conflict the better. Aim to have your wedding video featured in the trashiest of reality television shows. Laugh about it. Then destroy the fake chart so as to leave no evidence. ;-)
  5. Choose your favorite board games that your guests can play during cocktail hour and play them at home with your sweetie.
  6. Pamper yourself and your sweetie with at-home facials and manicures. By the time your wedding day arrives, you'll both have the best skin ever.
  7. If you're doing a picture wall/table at your reception, choose together which pictures you want to print. Bonus if you spend time telling each other why you love that picture/moment so much.
  8. Try to do your wedding makeup as if you were a contestant in Miss America. Or RuPaul's Drag Race. (If you do this, please send me a pic!)
  9. Come up with some fancy signature cocktails that you can serve on w-day. Practice makes perfect so experiment a lot!
  10. Practice your first dance. Better yet, come up with one of those super elaborate discographies that go viral!
  11. Bake a cake together. Decorate it, then practice cutting it and feeding it to each other. Smashing it on each other's faces is optional.
  12. Write some fake vows. Read them to each other, adding "in bed" at the end of each sentence.
  13. Remind each other that this is nothing more than a crappy inconvenience. At the end of the day, whether in front of ten or two hundred people, you and your babe will be hitched forever and isn't that the most fabulous thing?