During our initial consultation, Annie and Bobby mentioned that Bobby wasn't a fan of pictures, and asked that we do our job as quickly and painless as possible. As their session date was closer, I spoke to Annie and her exact words were "you don't understand- he really, really hates the idea of having his picture taken". I promised that everything would be fine, that I would shoot fast and we would get at least some good shots.

Since Nohemi was going to photograph Annie and Bobby's wedding, I took her with me to the engagement session. When we arrived at the gorgeous home Annie and Bobby recently purchased and have been remodeling, Annie was ready to go and Bobby... well, he was a bit (a lot!) scared of us. But we started talking and as we chatted, I paid attention to his face, to see when he was the most relaxed and what topics made him feel more at ease. After a good ten minutes, I asked if we could get started with some simple shots and guys... before we could blink twice, Mr. Bobby himself had hammed it up enough that we got about thirty really good images, plus a very happy Annie.

Here are some of the shots I took of them. And the wedding... well, it was GORGEOUS and Nohemi did an outstanding job, despite a very cold and rainy day. I'll be blogging those in a few days so come back soon to see how Bobby did.