Oh hey everyone! So 2020 started with quite the shiny bang for me. After five hundred-ish conversations about marriage, last Fall Eric and I decided to get married some time this year. Eric still was planning on proposing, and I (correctly) assumed that he was going to do this over the holidays. Sadly, as many of you already know, my sister was killed in an accident one week before Christmas. The proposal (and my entire life for that matter) was put on hold for a bit.

Fast forward to 3:30 AM on January 3rd. I came out of the bathroom and found Eric sitting on the couch, holding something on his hand. Now, with only a couple of hours of sleep and no caffeine in my system, I was very confused as to what he was doing.

Holding the ring- that's what.

So we made it official, bad breath & crazy hair included. And it really was the best way for us, since we're more of the behind-the-camera, making everyone else shine type of people. And yes, we do prefer to take other people's pictures but to keep up with tradition, we did take a few self-portraits at our friends' Dodi & Lisa's shop LouLou Belle (go shop there, it's amazing!). And by "a few" I mean we took like 40 frames and these five turned out nicely. Enjoy!