Rey and Beth must have scored lots of brownie points in their lifetime because theirs was them most perfect Fall wedding day. The temperature was great, the skies were clear, and the leaves were showing some very impressive orange tones. And since they chose Sundance Studios in Benton Harbor as their venue, they really didn't have to do much to have a gorgeous celebration. Beth looked radiant all day and Rey... if I don't say he was the most handsome groom ever, he'll probably text me a grumpy emoji.

But seriously now, Rey and Beth are two of the kindest souls you'll ever meet, and their friends and family are just as wonderful, so the entire day was a joy to photograph. My favorite moment from the day was probably Beth's dance with her father. They choreographed a fantastic dance medley that had everyone cheering. I was grateful to have Nohemi with me capturing the scene so she could get the crowd's reactions while I focused on the father and daughter. I'm pretty sure I'll forever smile whenever I look back at these pictures.