Whether you're an unabashed optimist who knows that everything is always going to be okay, or an Eeyore who can't deal whenever there's bad news, the truth is that this now pandemic of coronavirus (or COVID-19, for those of us who wanna sound smart and fancy) is probably putting a damper on all the excitement that is wedding planning. Between all the conflicting info dominating the news cycle and the doctor wannabes posting a combo of doomsday predictions and memes on Facebook, it's easy to get anxious about the very important wedding events we're planning. (Yes, I said we. If you're new here, I'm also getting married this year. Catch up here.)

Anyways... let's talk planning in uncertain times.

There's only so much we can prepare for. We've dreamed, budgeted, shopped, consulted, secured the best vendors (ahem), shopped some more... we've made all the plans, and yet now there's a chance that we might have to change those plans. And we worry that our out of town guests may not make it. And we worry that our vendors might get sick. And that we'll have to reschedule, and lose the money we've invested. And that the wedding insurance we bought might not cover our losses. And here's what I can tell you from my very personal perspective as your photographer:

  1. If I get sick with COVID-19 (or with anything else) and can't photograph your wedding, I have an amazing staff who will cover your day for me. They know how I photograph weddings and are prepared to capture your day exactly as I would. And I'll still do all the editing and album designing, and all the other bells and whistles. All this is in your contract. Read it.
  2. If you get sick with COVID-19 (or anything else) and have to postpone your wedding day, please don't panic. Your retainer (and final payment, if you've already sent it) will just move to the new date. The one caveat here is that you need to clear your new date with me to make sure that I'm available. If you don't clear your date with me first and end up rescheduling for a date when my photographers and I aren't available, I get to keep your retainer. This is also all in your contract.

So, in summary, the world kinda sucks at the moment but as long as you're still getting married, I still got you covered...at least when it comes to pictures.