Bill and Cara spent a lot of time and effort planning a gorgeous wedding in the Carolina shores. Their friends and family would travel from Chicago to Cara's family's beach home and there, they would spend a weekend golfing and dancing and celebrating. Those were the plans. However, five days before the wedding, a hurricane set its sights on the Carolinas, and it quickly became clear that there would be no wedding... unless they could, by some crazy miracle, find a local (Chicago) venue that would agree to host them in such short notice, someone who could prepare flowers and do hair and makeup, plus a photographer that could cover the event.

Well, miracles do happen and this was the result: Bill and Cara stayed close to home and had one of the most fun-filled, relaxed weddings I've ever witnessed. The staff at St. Lou's assembly went above and beyond preparing a fabulous feast for all the guests, Cara's friend took care of doing all the floral arrangements, and yours truly captured the entire day. So sit back and, as you enjoy these pictures, remember how wonderful the unexpected can be.