Hi. I'm Sandra Armenteros.

(Everyone calls me Sandy)

I could take this space to tell you all about how I got started in photography, how I left a really good job to pursue this as a career, how many times I've been recognized for my work, and blah, blah, blah. The truth is, I do this because for quite the selfish reason: I absolutely enjoy preserving memories that I know will be passed down from generation to generation long after I'm gone.

Weddings are one of very few occasions when people gather to celebrate love. While some couples stick to traditions, others are quite original in their process, and yet some things are pretty certain: someone will cry happy tears, there will be tons of hugging, dances will get progressively sloppier as the night goes on, and- most importantly- at the end of the day, a new family will be officially established. Oh, and I'll eat quite a bit of cake. Or pie. Or donuts.

Capturing all those fantastic moments, then reliving them as I carefully edit each image, brings me so much joy. And I get paid to do this!! Yeah, I'm a very lucky human. And I'm really, really good at my job!! So please browse through this site to get a clear idea of what my work looks and feels like and, if you can envision your own wedding story told through my lens, please contact me to schedule a consultation.